Kataro 2016 Sireni Dry Red Wine Artsakh (Pre-War)

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WinesofArmenia.com is happy, proud and humbled to offer you Kataro 2016 Sireni Artsakh Red Wine the last of the Kataro wines from our occupied lands.

In an effort to raise funds and to reestablish the winery, the Avetissyan Family is selling these wines at a premium. All those who are purchasing these wines in Armenia, are not only buying the last of a phenomenal wine from our occupied lands, but are also making a commitment to rebuilding Kataro Winery and Artsakh.

Just like the Avetissyan Family, we have made a commitment to help rebuild the Kataro Winery and Artsakh, and that is why we airlifted few cases of the last vintage of this iconic wine to the United State to help do our part in this rebuilding. Just like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes, Kataro Winery and our occupied lands will rise from the ashes and will be Armenian again soon.

In the south of Artsakh, in the region bordering with Armenia, there is an ancient temple overlooking mountains and stone gorges, dotted with islands of mountainous flowers and indigenous fragrant herbs. Situated above the clouds and eagles’ nests this temple embodies a man's desire for perfection and nobility. The temple is called Kataro. The way to it is long and arduous, and it is not coincidental that the Avetissyan Family named this wine after this incredible place surrounded by magnificent nature and weathered by warm winds.

Domaine Avetissyan owns 10 hectares of our historic vineyards, where Khndoghni, Artsakh's best known indigenous grape variety is cultivated. Khndoghni is grown on the slopes of Togh at an elevation of 600-700 meters in a predominantly clay-based soil.

Khndoghni, or Sireni, as natives often call the grape, is powerful and deep, rich in tannins and gives the wines extraction and expressiveness, as well as structure.

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