CIRQ 2013 Treehouse Vineyard Russian River Valley Pinot Noir


About The Vintage:

The 2013 growing season began early and progressed evenly all the way through harvest. Bud break, flowering and veraison all took place without drama or concern and the theme of moderation continued as the clusters ripened on the vine. This uniform development was welcomed and little could upset it. A few heat spikes and the threat of early rains aside, 2013 delivered exactly what we needed. In fact, the state-wide drought never fully affected our vineyard negatively. We irrigated only a few times before harvest in an effort to balance resources without taxing the vines too much.

These great conditions set a heavy crop that we mitigated through aggressive fruit thinning. Our crews worked diligently and with continued focus to reduce the yield to one cluster per shoot in some blocks so that the vines were better able to balance their load. We also removed shoulders on some of the clusters to produce the same effect.

Harvest took place at a steady pace. We elected to pick the vineyard in multiple small passes to create as many individual lots as possible. We feel that this is key in understanding the mysteries of Treehouse.

Tasting Notes:

  • Aromatics: A riot of red fruits and baked pie. Cranberry, cherries, dark plum and ripe rhubarb combine with cedarbox, wild fennel and spice. Savory notes of sage a wild herbs.
  • Flavors: Ripe bing cherry and baked blackberry pie fill the palate. Intense and pretty at the same time. Sweet oak and baking spice play a supporting role to the fruit.
  • Mouthfeel: Explosive with mouthwatering acidity. Youthful and grippy tannins saturate the palate to give immense length and a captivating dry finish. Hard to forget.

Winemaker's Notes

"Our plan was always to release the wines once they had time to develop. We’ve always believed that a little extra time in our cellar makes the experience a little better in yours. With this vintage, we held the release back a further 6 months from usual to give the tannins a little longer to integrate and we’re pleased with the results. If possible, we recommend enjoying this vintage over the next 3-5 years, preferably decanting before tasting."

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