2013 Zorah Karasi Armenian Red Wine

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The 2013 is yet another step forward in showing the character of this incredible terroir. The purity of the fruit is showing even better than in previous vintages and results in a wine with plenty of energy. Bright and vertical in the mouth, with white pepper, fresh red fruit, vibrant chalky tannins and a miniral finish with a touch of graphite, all of which combine perfectly making the 2013 a wine of unique quality.

Possibly one of the oldest grape varieties in the world Areni has been present in Armenia for millennia. Never grafted and on its own roots, it is 100% indigenous to this land, with a unique DNA profile that does not match any other. Extremely resistant to disease Areni Noir has a unique
capacity to adapt perfectly to continental climates. Through time it has developed a very thick skin which, while helping maintain the elegance and freshness of the grape, also protects it from the drastic day/night temperature variations (average 20°C /68°F) present during the summer
months at the high altitudes of Vayotz Dzor. The Areni sourced for ZORAH come from centuries old bush vineyards at 1600mtrs/ 5250ft asl as well as from abandoned vineyards of a nearby XIII century monastic complex.

The pinnacle of high altitude viniculture ZORAH vineyards are at 1400mtrs / 4500ft asl. A Phylloxera free terroir with low vigor, sub alkaline, sandy soil, rich in limestone and large stones.

A great year characterized by a long, hot summer with high day-time temperatures and strong sunlight balanced with cool fresh nights with average thermal excursion of 20°C/68°F. It was dry until end of September allowing harvest to be pushed back to end of October.

Fermentation in large rough concrete vats with no epoxy lining. Aging in amphorae for 10 months with a short final passage in large 31hl untoasted wooden casks to soften tannins.

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