Bagdasarian Balassan Aged Pomegranate Honey Balsamic Reduction Armenia


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100 ML Bottle

From the people who brought us APRIS Wines from Artsakh, comes Balassan.

Balassan is an aged pomegranate honey balsamic reduction made from 100% natural ingredients sourced in rural Armenia.

Balassan translated from Armenian is Balsamic. Cold pressed organic pomegranate juice is aged in Armenian oak barrels. This juice is combined with raw mountain honey, the nectar of which is collected from wild flowers 6000 feet above sea level. In order to preserve the nutrients and antioxidants naturally found in both ingredients, they only use native and pure sources.

Uses - The balance of sweetness and tartness makes for a brilliant condiment, marinate and base for salad dressings. Drizzle on vegetables, meats, raw or cooked fish, seafood, pizza, cheeses, fruits and desserts.

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