Colarossi Family 2014 Mokelumne River Stellina Lodi Native Zinfandel

The Vineyard – Stellina - is in the Lodi Appellation on the west side of town, Mokelumne River sub appellation. Vines are more than half a century old. They are head trained. Root stock is Freedom. Deficit irrigated. It is a 9.5 acres of deficit irrigated head trained vines that were plated during the 1970s on Lucas road, towards the center of the west side of Lodi’s Mokelumne River. Always one...

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HOWEVER, we are not responsible for damage caused to the wine due to the weather; heat or cold.  If the weather is hot or cold, we urge that you either ask us to hold the wine(s) for you or order overnight shipping.

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