TUS 2018 Lalvari White Wine Tavush Armenia

$19.99 $25
Located in the north of Armenia, Tavush has always stood out with its rich traditions and uniqueness. Since ancient times, viticulture and wine-making were traditional occupations of the inhabitants of this region of historical Armenia. In the early Middle Ages, the area was known as Tus. In the 8th and 9th centuries it changed its pronunciation to Tavush, as we know it today. Till this very da...

Our Return Policy is very simple: If you don't like the wine you ordered from us, tell us, send it back to us and we will either replace it for you or reimburse the purchase price to you. Because we believe life is too short to drink wine you don't like.

HOWEVER, we are not responsible for damage caused to the wine due to the weather; heat or cold.  If the weather is hot or cold, we urge that you either ask us to hold the wine(s) for you or order overnight shipping.

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