French Vs Italian Wines


Main Difference between French Wines and Italian Wines

Stepan Baghdassarian

Should the French and Italian wine competition be considered a battle? We are not sure about this, but one thing is certain- both countries produce "Magnifique" wine. Let's dig and find out the main differences between the two wine-producing countries. Both Italy and France create their varietals when it comes...

All you Need to Know About Wines of Spain

Stepan Baghdassarian

SANGRIA IS NOT A SPANISH WINE. It is a beverage based on wine, but Spain has more to offer here than that. Spanish wine has a lot of amazing pacts (and inexpensive!) bottles for any night of the week. However, if you opt to pay a little extra and sample...

Best Italian Wines for Beginners Must Try in 2022

Stepan Baghdassarian

Everyone is obsessed with French wine and praises them. That's right, we don't take any credits out of them, but how about those pasta wines? They are as good as Italian food we all adore. So, if you're all pizza, pasta, and bruschetta person (and not only), check this article...

What are Best Healthiest Sweet Red Wines?

Stepan Baghdassarian

Studies have shown that some wines, notably RED WINES, have significant health benefits such as lower blood pressure, enhanced heart health, lower cholesterol levels, and extended longevity during the last two decades.  But why is red wine so good for your health, and how can you incorporate healthy red sweet...