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Areni Winery is one of Armenia's most popular destinations for vintage wine enthusiasts. It's 110 kilometers from Yerevan, at the entrance to Areni, a tiny settlement. The winery is a two-story stone structure with an annex on the back. It has a tasting area, a café, a souvenir shop, a small production facility, and a basement with bottles of wine, large barrels, and a small production facility.  Areni Winery began as a family business in 1994. The winery's production volume has expanded dramatically since then, and it now produces more than 250,000 bottles each year. As a result, the quality and selection of wines have increased over time, and you can now sample a variety of red and white wines made from various fruits and berries in the tasting area.

Grapes are grown in Armenia's five viticultural zones. According to the Vine & Wine Foundation of Armenia, the country boasts more than 400 indigenous grape types; according to the Vine & Wine Foundation of Armenia, roughly half as many as Italy, which is geographically ten times larger. Wine is made from 31 of the total quantity of grapes. Voskehat and Kangun are two popular white grapes. Areni is the king of the reds. Areni wine is a bit of a chameleon—imagine Merlot mingled with Pinot Noir or Syrah, and you'll understand why Areni wines are frequently referred to as Areni noir.