Best Grenache Wines

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Grenache (also known as Garnacha) creates deep, ruby-colored rosé and rich, delicious red wines. The French have championed this grape in the Southern Rhône Valley, but it hails from Spain! Grenache is the ultimate team player when it comes to wine grapes. This isn't the strongest, but any combination will be a winner with it. It has a fruity aroma and pairs well with chocolate desserts, such as brownies in our case, and eliminates the need for toppings. Grenache is frequently combined with other wine varieties like Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Cinsault. In Australia and Spain, it's a prevalent wine grape.

Buy a Grenache wine from a warmer region, such as Southern France or Spain, if you want a fruity and ripe wine. The distinct flavors of cherry and spices, with touches of earth, will undoubtedly appeal to you. In addition, grenache is often utilized in the production of sweet wines. Grenache is the second most planted red wine grape variety in Spain, trailing only Tempranillo, its current blending partner. It is grown in practically every region of Spain, but especially in the north and east, where it is used to make the famed Priorat wines.