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Syrah, often known as Shiraz (Persian spelling), is an Iranian grape variety. Some historians doubt the notion that this winegrape was brought to the Rhône Valley in France during the Middle Ages. In any case, it is presently primarily produced in Australia and the United States. Please don't mix up syrah and petite Sirah; they're two completely different wines! "Shiraz" is also used in Australia, and the majority of this wine is produced there. They also make it a little more delicate than in the United States and France.
Syrah wines from the United States and France have a slightly heavier and fuller flavor profile. Italy also produces some excellent Syrah wines that are both tasty and qualified. Without a doubt, cellaring is one of the most crucial aspects of winemaking. The sommeliers advise that you drink it when it's still young. For most labels, three years or less is ideal. Shiraz wines are the bestsellers on our webshop. You can find them around $30 up to $200. We are waiting for the feedback!