Cecchetto 2016 Gelsaia Piave Malanotte DOCG Italy


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Around a quarter of the grapes that make the "Gelsaia" are dried for a month before pressing to lessen the natural acidity and tannins of the Raboso. Raboso is a historic and indigenous red grape from the left bank of the Piave River that is difficult to grow and make wine from. This because while it blooms early it ripens late, well into the latter half of October, which makes it vulnerable to spring frost. Being difficult to grow it was purposefully abandoned in the 1980s in favor of other indigenous grapes that were easier to produce and bring to the market.

The wine is a very dark red, almost black, with tannins and acidity in overabundance. The tannins boarder on the impossible and the acidity is always biting, so this is not a wine for everyone.

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