Krohn Quinta do Retiro Novo 2004 Vintage Port Portugal


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Dark purple, almost black in color. Dark cherry and blueberry on the nose. Medium to full bodied with medium tannins. Loaded with woodland fruit, spice and cherry flavors. Very attractive and a promising finish.

Port for the Holidays


The tradition of serving Port wine during Christmas has roots in British and European holiday customs. The wine's sweetness pairs well with Christmas desserts, and its warming qualities make it appealing during the colder season. Additionally, Port is often associated with celebrations and toasts, making it a fitting choice for festive occasions like Christmas. Over time, these culinary and cultural connections have solidified the tradition of enjoying Port wine during the holiday season.


However, Port wine is a versatile drink that pairs well with savory foods as well. Some of the best food categories to pair with Port wine include cheese, various desserts and nuts. Here are some specific food recommendations:

  • Blue cheese: The strong flavor of blue cheese complements the sweetness of Port wine.
  • Walnuts: The nuttiness of walnuts pairs well with the fruity notes of Port wine.
  • Figs: The sweetness of figs pairs well with the rich, full-bodied flavor of Port wine.
  • Chocolate: The sweetness of chocolate pairs well with the rich, full-bodied flavor of Port wine.
  • Beef tenderloin: The richness of beef tenderloin pairs well with the full-bodied flavor of Port wine.

We have both vintage and non-vintage ports for you, including a white port. White Port is a fortified wine made in Portugal's Douro Valley from indigenous white grapes. And just like red Port, it is made by adding grape brandy to the fermenting wine juice, which stops the fermentation process and yields a wine with a higher alcohol percentage. 


Enjoy these delicious wines during the Holidays with your friends and family and continue the tradition.


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