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Martiros 2019 Sauvignon Blanc was the hit of the Summer; the go to white wine from Armenia. Yes, Armenia does produce white wines other than Voskehat. Wines like TUS Lalvari and now Martiros Sauvignon Blanc are becoming very popular because first and foremost they are well made wines and second, they are not Voskehat. Maybe wine drinkers in the U.S. are looking for something different and maybe they are looking, in the case of Martiros, a wine that they are familiar with. But nevertheless, they are proving to be popular.

  • Appellation - Armavir
  • Winemaking Technique – Traditional production method in stainless steel tanks with four months on lees. Lees are leftover yeast particles that are used in white and sparkling wines to add beneficial textures and flavors. 
  • Color – Pale yellow
  •  Nose – Green apple and citrus aromas
  •  Palate – Fresh acidity, reminiscent of lime with a medium finish
  •  Food pairing – Make sure it is well chilled and pair it with grilled fish, cold seafood and shellfish, grilled chicken, salads and mushroom risotto.

 If you haven’t discovered Martiros Sauvignon Blanc from Armenia yet, it  is time!

Martiros Yavrunts was born in Bitlis in 1902 in a family of a winemaker.  During the years of the Armenian Genocide, the Yavrunts family migrates to the city of Marseille in France first, and then to Burgundy.  Continuing his father’s work, Martiros dedicates his entire life to winemaking, dreaming of the day to make wine from grapes grown in his homeland.  His dream remains a dream.  A century later, by creating this wine, his descendants honor the winemaker and introduce us to his history through wine.

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