OLD BRIDGE 2019 Estate Voskehat Arpa Valley Armenia

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Tasting notes: This wine is unique due to its unity of flavors of  fresh grapes, wild flowers, honey pleasant aromas. The light wheat colour of the wine has a golden shade. The wine is produced by combining old traditions and new technologies. 

Winemaker's comment: An important feature of the wine is the late grape harvest, which was carried out in early November, providing a high sugar content of grapes and unique taste and aroma. The grape was fully disengaged from vines before crushing.

This wine suits with meals as rabbit and poultry meat, fish and seafood, fresh soft cheese, goat cheese Alpine and Lactic.

wine has no aging limitations if held between + 8 ° C- + 16 ° C

blend information: Voskehat

alcohol: 13.0% -14.5%

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