Zorah 2014 Yeraz Armenia Red Wine


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“Yeraz has a lovely ethereal nose and fine, elegant, pure lingering flavour, it’s like a blend of cru Burgundy mixed with top Sangiovese in character but with its own distinctive hints of spice and crushed raspberry.” Caroline Gilby, MW

Yeraz (dream in Armenian) is the dream for the revival of an ancient wine culture and the rediscovery of forgotten places and lost native grapes. It is the dream for a passionate wine future and creation of great wines from Armenia which will tell the story of this age old land and it is the dream to trust in the potential of this incredible terroir with a sense of responsibility for future generations…


The pinnacle of high altitude viticulture the grapes for Yeraz come from ultra-centennial semi abandoned bush vineyards ‘older than time’ at altitudes of 1600 meters (5250 feet) above sea level. Raw and remote, pure and authentic, these vines reflect the difficult history that has defined this land and the spirit of its people; resilient yet with great inner tenacity, they have somehow survived against all odds.


A natural field blend, much like colorful threads in a tapestry, the grapes for Zorah’s Yeraz, come from small vineyard parcels which encompass a vibrant mosaic of varying strains within the ancient Areni grape variety which have survived and evolved through the ages. These individual vines come together creating a multiplicity within this variety which cannot be seen as anything other than the whole of the vineyard.


Fermentation occurs in rough concrete tanks using only natural yeast. Drawing inspiration from age old cultural traditions of place, Yeraz is then aged for long periods in local amphorae of varying sizes, some of which are dug deep in the ground and sealed with wax to eloquently conserve the intense flavors and authentic varietal purity of the wine. In addition to the amphorae large untoasted casks are also used to soften the tannins. After very light filtration the wine passes a further year in bottles.


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