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The term "Bordeaux Futures" is used when you buy a Bordeaux wine, that is still aging in the barrels. By buying Bordeaux futures, you can have vintage wines at the best price. You have two options when you enter the warehouse to buy En Primeur wine: Pay the duty, VAT, and delivery fees, and have it delivered to your home wine storage. The pricing is a clear advantage of buying Bordeaux En Primeur. Purchasing Bordeaux En Primeur also allows you to have highly sought-after wines which will be difficult to get after they release. Since the 10th century, the Dukes of Aquitaine ruled Bordeaux. Within the marriage of King Henry II and Eleanor, the Gironde expanded its wine export business. If not the most famous, the one of the most famous Bordeaux wine is Château Margaux. Best Bordeaux En Primeur Château Margaux released in 2020.