Chateau Fombrauge

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Château Fombrauge has been a wine estate since the 16th century and is well proportioned. It has hosted innumerable concerts and musicians-in-residence since Bernard Magrez purchased it, and the huge halls often reverberate with the sound of the most famous Stradivarius.

The neatly aligned vine rows extend to the horizon like strings waiting to vibrate beneath the hands of the vineyard workers. Château Fombrauge, one of Saint-oldest Emilion's Grands Crus Classés, was created as a result of this synergy between man and nature. This tradition, as well as the wine's distinct flavor, are being preserved. Rich and opulent, with ripe, deep plummy fruit, cassis with touches of chocolate and cedar spice, Chateau Fombrauge wine is rich and opulent. 

A full-bodied, powerful wine with a round, mouth-filling structure.  Finishes with a tight weave of meaty tannins.