Domaine de la Janasse Wine

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Domaine de la Janasse wine has earned a reputation as one of Châteauneuf-du-most Pape's prestigious estates during the last quarter-century. From "basic" value-priced VDPs to their benchmark Châteauneufs, the estate, led by siblings Christophe and Isabelle Sabon, blends the best of both traditional and modern processes to make a selection of genuinely captivating wines.

Whether it's their pleasingly complex Côtes-du-Rhone and Côtes-du-Rhône Villages or their three Châteauneuf-du-Pape bottlings, Janasse's reds are usually regarded as among the best in the region. Tradition, unsurprisingly, is the most reserved of their Châteauneufs, whereas Chaupin and Vieilles Vignes are a study in contrasts, with the purity of Grenache from sandy soil visible in the former, and the intensity and power of the latter – an indication of the age of the vines, the range of soils from which they are sourced, and the density afforded by the addition of old-vine Syrah and Mourvedre to their centenary Grenache.