IL Marroneto Brunello di Montalcino

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IL Marroneto was founded in 1974 by Giuseppe Mori and is one of the few older estates in Montalcino. The name Il Marroneto comes from an old tower from the 13th century where the nuns of the Madonna Delle Grazie monastery kept the chestnuts used to manufacture bread flour.

There are no two Brunello di Montalcino wines that are exactly alike. Due to climate, soil, varying altitudes, and expositions, the appellation does have a lot of variation. In terms of fruit, tannins, and concentration, Brunello is frequently described as strong, even virile. However, this is an imperfect judgment. These easy adjectives melt away in the northern portions of the appellation, specifically the locale of Il Marroneto, favoring the area's particular microclimate, which fosters complexity, elegance, aromatics, and freshness. The wines of Il Marroneto, for all their pomp and circumstance, make a compelling case for Montalcino's production zone districts.