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If you are looking for a perfect wine evening with flavored and crispy wines, Kataro wines are for you. Artsakh is one of the rare places in the world where the grapes for Kataro wine are growing. The name "Kataro" wine gets from the old church located there. Kataro wines tell about the Artsakh land, its nature, sun, "Kndoghni" (also known as Sireni) grape from which the Kataro wines are made. There are such a unique bunch of feelings in each bottle, the taste of which will accompany you on your festive days and cozy evenings.

The Avetisyan family was the first to experiment with an unusual Khndoghni grape varietal. Because of the last incidences and the war in the territory of Artsakh, the region of Hadroot, where the Kataro vineyards grow, already under the Azerbaijan side. But this is not the end, and the Avetisyan family works hard to produce those fantastic wines in other regions of Armenia.  My Wine+ has the best types of Kataro wines with the best Kataro wine prices. 

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