Promontory Wines

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H. William Harlan discovered an isolated region while climbing up Oakville's southern ridge in the early 1980s. The ancient and wild vastness struck him deeply, but it eluded him until the Harlan family ultimately captured it in 2008. The second generation began to make their discoveries as they explored and worked with the land. They discovered a significant geologic confluence at the heart of this untamed region, which had molded its steep, rough topography and produced the conditions for a unique wine-growing environment.

They discovered over time that the stunning landscape—just beyond the known—would gradually affect them and eventually inspire further projects.
The natural trees, the wetness of the fleeting fog, and the minerality of the granite underpinnings are all reflected in the wines from Promontory's hillsides. The symphony of these diverse elements creates a natural balance of freshness, vigor, and tannin. These characteristics, we believe, are the building blocks of outstanding vigor and extended life in wine.