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Armenia is a land of long traditional winemaking, and its climate and soil are always full of volcanic fires, providing us with the best quality wines. Within the years of the Soviet period, wine regions and winemaking itself was ignored, but now it's phoenixing again. This is the story of Storica wines which is told to be properly appreciated by, and the wine intelligentsia and consumers.

Storica wine collections are all created with Armenian indigenous grapes, which were discovered about 6000 years ago and are being recovered now.  Storica wines are praised for their quality and organic content which is crucial for wine lovers. Zulal, Keush, Oshin, and Shofer are the four brands that Storica now promotes across the country. Storica is expanding its portfolio of labels to include off-the-beaten-path indigenous grape varietals and winemaking styles, showcasing everything Armenia has to offer as a wine region.